2016 11:00pm DINNER PARTY

Well, for a whole lot of persons, this year must have been a “come-and-go” year and yes!! You were right!!!
To that effect, I have decided to congratulate you for holding on till this very last minutes.
Let’s start with the appetizer…

Though the economy made us go through series of emotional breakdown, other subordinates came like MMM, Ultimatecycler, Crowdrising and lots more, we still held on and now, I will love to say –YOU MADE IT!!!!

I’m glad you made it!!!!
My wish for you this 2017 is, your wishes shall be granted just as you desire them in your heart with zeal……..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Yeah the skies are crowded with fireworks
New Year’s Eve 2016 live: Fireworks and pictures from around the world as we welcome in 2017

Australia, Japan and Hong Kong are among those to have welcomed 2017 in style while security is stepped up ahead of celebrations in London and New York

Bag searches in London

Bag searches and heavy security are in place in London ahead of the fireworks.

Security are searching revellers who have to pass through gates on their way in.

London is on high alert for terror attacks following the Berlin Christmas market attacks that killed 12 people.

A woman’s bag is searched at London’s embankment (Photo: PA)

Security gates in London ahead of the firework display (Photo: PA)

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Merry Christmas!!!

Yeah!! The year is finally coming to an end and a whole lot has taken different dimensions that either favoured some and didn’t reflect on others….
So here is what i’ve got for those that couldn’t afford fishes, chicken, goat or even lizard. Enjoy this

How many persons remember this?

It’s time so lets go into the market and we’ll be back in a jiffy


It’s very funny how the dogs think and perceive humans. Dogs notice when you’re sad, mad, or suspicious. They can even detect cancer. Turns out, dogs know more about your emotions and health than you ever suspected.

They can detect a generous person from those that are not. An example is below;
University of Milan researchers had dogs watch some people sharing food with a beggar and other people telling the beggar to leave. Later, when the individuals beckoned the dogs at the same time, the pups overwhelmingly trotted over to the generous people.

Humans share so much with this fellow

Dogs know when you hate someone around you. When you have negative feelings about a person, dogs can hear your breathing pattern change, observe your body stiffen slightly, and even smell the subtle pheremones your body emits. So if your in-laws suspect that you don’t like them, it may simply be because, um, your dog expressed that don’t really like them.

Your dog can tell where you’ve been. Humans are like sponges. You pick up volatile organic compounds from everything you walk by or touch. If you just visited, say, the supermarket,dogs will smell the butcher and fish counters, the food you bought, and maybe even the people you stood next to at checkout. Dogs can smell something 100 million times more subtle than the faintest smell you can pick up! Safe a pet today.

Some dogs are being taught to detect different types of cancer by smelling certain chemicals that cancer cells can emit. In some studies, dogs were 88 percent accurate in detecting breast cancer, and 99 percent accurate in detecting lung cancer.

Dogs can tell when you’ll be home and away.

They’ve learned your schedule, and they know roughly when to expect you back at the house each day. But even if you get home at an odd hour, they can pick out the sound of your particular car coming down the street, and they are always listening for it.

Dogs know when you’re having a fight with your spouse.
Even if you don’t yell in front of them, they may notice your clipped tone of voice, the fact that neither of you is speaking, the stiffness of your posture, or the agitated way you’re walking or opening drawers. Some of these dogs get sick to their stomachs when their owners are bickering.
just staring at them without knowing what to do

They know when someone is missing from the households.

I have experienced this severally in my neighbourhood. Do dogs sleep cuddled up next to your bed instead of in their usual spot when your spouse is out of town? Do dogs stay closer to your leg than normal when we walk through a dark area? Dogs can smell the adrenaline your body releases when you’re scared, and they are also more vigilant anytime someone in the household is missing.
Finally for now, note that dogs know to play on humans emotions to get what they want.
Researchers have found that your body releases the hormone oxytocin (the same chemical that’s released when you look at your baby) when dogs make eye contact with you. So there’s a reason dogs gaze at you lovingly when they want something: It works.

Before I move on, don’t forget that you dog is capable of telling what your intentions are. Dogs can pick up nearly imperceptible signals in your body language–a darting of your eyes or the way you grab the leash–that tell me what you’re planning. In one study, dogs were easily able to identify the location of hidden food simply by following a human gaze.
dogs can be trained to sniff out everything from a drop in your blood sugar to a migraine. A growing number of epileptic patients are getting dogs that alert them to a seizure before it happens. In one Hawaiian hospital, dogs sniffed out urinary tract infections in paralyzed patients who couldn’t report symptoms

They protect our kids with maximum care.

Dogs know your little one is a member of their pack, and they also know she’s the most vulnerable. Because they have a strong instinct to guard their family members, they can be extremely protective. That’s why they bark aggressively when someone approaches the stroller and why you should be vigilant if someone is playing with your child while they are around. (If they mistakenly think she is getting hurt, they may attack

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sharing love no matter how little it may look like, you might just be saving a soul along your street.

don’t hate nobody’s choice,respect everyone’s life

this place won’t be bad at all

just having a great time

yeah! It’s Christmas

nature is great

waterfalls by nature

I just love seeing this part of the earth.

I still remain your host/blogger
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Nature’s Blessings To Man

Even the dumbest person knows that the world is controlled by certain individuals. Some say they are the richest families, some say secret organizations with members posing as a president’s right hand, some even say aliens in disguise.
dubai in view

The truth is, no matter who, the 99% is controlled by the 1% and there are things that the 1% would be happy if the 99% never find out of. But, be that as it may, the Murphy ’s Law still stands even for those individuals who steer the wheel and as the law says “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

People with humanity still in their hearts leaked some information, people who see things as they really are revealed conspiracies, and some with a little logic still in the head discovered the truth hidden from the 99%. Here are some of the greatest secrets “They” don’t want you to know of
always find a way

You have probably heard about the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). It is a project funded by The US Navy and The US Air Force and its cover is technology that can allow US military to communicate with its fleet of submarines through very long distances.

How this works? There is an instrument in HAARP called “Ionospheric Research Instrument” which is a facility that transmits high-power radio frequency directly into a limited area of the Ionosphere.

This instrument manipulates the Ionosphere, the place where free electrons exist, and has a potential to create radio waves that will manipulate the earth’s magnetic field. You get yourself a control of the earth’s magnetic field and you control the earth.

Even more frightening is the fact that HAARP has a potential to control emotions through wave frequencies and manipulate human minds. Who knows, maybe they are responsible for our sudden mood swings. Project HAARP was shut down in May 2013 — or was it?

Who cares?lets explore some parts of the world together

the lotus temple located in new delhi, India

Always getting better at what I do

Let’s Look At Nature A Bit


Crow can recognise your face.


Crows can recognise the faces of humans who pose a threat to them or their habitat, and those memories can last a lifetime. Plus crows can live up to 15 years – so if you get into a fight with one, it might be time to start thinking about that moustache.

It’s now thought that crows have their own language – and that this language varies from region to region. They also make tools and play tricks on each other. Also, they still haven’t forgotten about you.

Instead of chewing, a spider injects venom into its prey – the venom liquifies the prey’s insides, and the spider sucks the liquid out. Like a milkshake.

A delicious milkshake made of internal organs

A Man Once Grew A Fir Tree In His Lung.

28 year-old Artyom Sidorkin thought he had a cancerous tumour in his lung but, when they opened him up, surgeons found a two-inch evergreen tree, instead.

Fear Hornets

This Japanese hornet is four inches long. Oh, and its venom dissolves human skin.
It also has the third most painful sting in the world, behind the tarantula hawk and the bullet ant.

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This is a collection for lovers.
To all my fans out there, have fun with this experience….
Families hang out this way

giving her the care she deserves

closeness could mean so much too. fun time together brings joy

starting up on a plane ground could take you both this far.

both on same page

sharing everything is part of the bond

this is where it suppose to lead you both to

back in the days of black and white
till death comes…

how Chinese does the love-thing

wedding with grand style


This is RUKKY and she belongs to my friend- Philip Osarobe

Now, we’ll be taking this bit by bit

She’s just 3months plus and she looks so adorable

Remember she was such a shy girl when she first came into our home,just like in this photo

Now, she has grown wild and fearless.

Talking about RUKKY, let’s view what the caucasian bread is all about.
There is a great variety of types among Caucasian dogs depending on their home region. The original purpose of this breed was to protect livestock from bears, wolves and thieves. Dogs similar to this superb guardian have protected livestock for at least 600 years. Even though its original use as a livestock guardian is declining it is still used by shepherds in Georgia and throughout the Caucasus Region.

The dogs are very highly regarded in Georgia. The image of the head of a Caucasian Shepherd dog decorated the coats of arms of several Georgian grand dukes.
Description : The breed is characterized by a massive bone structure and strong musculature. The tail is high set and usually carried in the shape of sickle, hook or ring. The thick coat is especially effective at keeping out the cold. There are two coat varieties: short and long. On the long-haired type, the hairs on the neck form a lion-like “mane”, and fringes and culottes on the rear part of the legs. The tail is thick and bushy. The short-haired type lacks these characteristics. Colors vary from gray, fawn, tan, pied, brindle and white. The large paws have hair between the toes, providing excellent insulation. Weight is in the range of 99-154 pounds (45-70 kg). The desirable height for males is in the range of 72 – 75 cm, for females 66 – 69 cm.

Characteristics : The typical Caucasian Shepherd dog is independent, strong willed and fearless. Because its thick coat protects it from adverse weather, it can live out-doors provided it has shelter.

Despite its superb qualities this is not a dog for everyone. It does not accept people it does not know and has a powerful urge to defend its family and family pets. Unless it is properly socialized and trained it may exhibit ferocious and unmanageable tendencies.

Caucasian Shepherd Puppies Bred at the Tabakini Monastery
Bassa’s father’s name is Butkuna Tabakini. He is an international champion and won ‘Best in Show’ at the International Dog-show “Golden Gate 2010”, which took place in Kiev, Ukraine.
Butkuna Tabakini – ‘Best in Show’ at the International Dog-show “Golden Gate 2010”, Kiev, Ukraine


Here are some of the shots still coming in from COOLESHOTS on THE BENSON’S FAMILY

That’s the upshot during the movie-making

That’s Ette and Musa on set

Bad planners

Still getting set

Musa and Mrs Benson On Set

Trouble smelling in their minds

Miss Princess smooching Ette

See that baby face of Ette with Musa by the side


This is a block busting home-made movie meant to ease your pains. Just to keep you anticipated, this are the photographs of some scenes….. Have fun while scrolling

<img src="file:///accounts/1000/shared/photos/WhatsApp/2016-1


<img src="file:///accounts/10


<img src="file:///accounts/1000/shared/photos/WhatsApp/2016-12/

IMG-20161210-WA028.jpg” /

More photographs will be uploaded anytime soon…..Stay Connected.