2016 11:00pm DINNER PARTY

Well, for a whole lot of persons, this year must have been a “come-and-go” year and yes!! You were right!!!
To that effect, I have decided to congratulate you for holding on till this very last minutes.
Let’s start with the appetizer…

Though the economy made us go through series of emotional breakdown, other subordinates came like MMM, Ultimatecycler, Crowdrising and lots more, we still held on and now, I will love to say –YOU MADE IT!!!!

I’m glad you made it!!!!
My wish for you this 2017 is, your wishes shall be granted just as you desire them in your heart with zeal……..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Yeah the skies are crowded with fireworks
New Year’s Eve 2016 live: Fireworks and pictures from around the world as we welcome in 2017

Australia, Japan and Hong Kong are among those to have welcomed 2017 in style while security is stepped up ahead of celebrations in London and New York

Bag searches in London

Bag searches and heavy security are in place in London ahead of the fireworks.

Security are searching revellers who have to pass through gates on their way in.

London is on high alert for terror attacks following the Berlin Christmas market attacks that killed 12 people.

A woman’s bag is searched at London’s embankment (Photo: PA)

Security gates in London ahead of the firework display (Photo: PA)

Stay updated as I bring you to a year of greatnes!!!!

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