Here’s The Latest Crazy Story About Beyonce’s Delivery Room Demands

Beyoncé Rumored To Be Asking For Silent Delivery

As the countdown to Blueprint 1 and Blueprint 2’s arrival continues, the stories about Bey’s birth plans abound. First, we heard she planned to give birth at home, then they said her security has been running weekly drills to practice their approach to Cedars-Sinai and now there’s a report that Bey wants silence in the delivery room. 
According to Naughty Gossip reports:

“Beyoncé likes peace and calm around her. She has zero time for drama and gossip. She likes her inner circle to be soft spoken if they have to talk at all. And you can expect the same will be true when she gives birth to the twins,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “You can only get into her private life if you are invited. She is very guarded and protects her privacy at all cost. She likes to be surrounded with peaceful colors and soft sounds. This will be of utmost importance for her when giving birth.”

This story is almost like opening up a fortune cookie or visiting your average storefront psychic. EVERYBODY knows Beyoncé is private. THAT doesn’t take an exclusive source to figure out.

Silent birth is a real thing though – something that Scientologists practice and Katie Holmes even did when she gave birth to Suri, but as much as Bey loves music we don’t really see her doing a silent birth.

Speaking of Bey’s love of music… Hit the flip for some recently posted pics of her from a Michael Jackson/Prince party.

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