This Couple Served Pizza Instead Of Cake At Their Wedding And It’s The Coolest Idea Ever!

Pizza is life. Pizza is bae. For Jess and Tony, the love for pizza was all too strong. The two got married in Miami and had the most millennial wedding ever. Guests were overjoyed when they arrived at the wedding to find pizza everywhere.

“It was saucy and delicious and what pizza dreams are made of,” the couple said. What’s more, the other wedding decorations were baseball themed as the groom plays for a professional baseball Los Angeles.

While we fret over making weddings perfect, there are people who keep it real and perhaps that’s the best way to get married. A wedding party that is the reflection of the two people getting married—what can be a cooler way to start a new life?! We’ll have an Old Monk themed mandap we think. Only if the pandit agrees to dress up as a bartender. 

This is a memorial one and i hope they don’t forget this.

What about you? 


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