Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous! The 20 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

Celebrities are NOT just like us when it comes to their real estate holdings.

They make massive amounts of money every year, so it isn’t surprising that Hollywood stars and media moguls drop massive amounts of cash on the unbelievably luxurious abodes. What kind of home does $32 million buy you? How about $85 million? has photos and details about the 20 most expensive celebrity homes.
Evrett Mansion

The Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills, where Hugh Hefner houses his bunnies, is said to be worth $50 million, but it’s not the most expensive property in the neighborhood. While Petra Ecclestone plopped down a cool $85 million on the famous Spelling Mansion a few years back, her sister Tamara was recently eyeing a nearby property listed for close to $100 million!

Over in Florida, Tiger Woods is the proud owner of a $60 million Jupiter estate, while legendary rocker Rod Stewart owns a more modestly priced Palm Beach mansion at $12.5 million.

CooleBeats ville

Jennifer Aniston recently purchased a swanky pad for a whole lot of money in Bel Air, so that she could live happily ever after with Justin Theroux. Find out how much cash she dropped in the gallery.

And Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest have both amassed a fortune with their covetable careers, but whose home has a heftier price tag?
See all the 20 most expensive celebrity homes by clicking here.


Mercy Aigbe rocks!!!

Nigerian actress, Mercy Aigbe dazzled brilliantly in ravishing birthday photos.

Mercy Aigbe

The mother of two who just added a year shared fascinating photos of herself in a lovely dress as she stepped out for Ali Baba’s 1st of January concert.

How Ini Edo spent her new year in Dubai

Nollywood Actress and Special adviser on Tourism to Akwa Ibom state governor, Ini Edo has revealed how she spent her end of year holidays in Dubai.

Ini Edo having a dinner

The beautiful actress shared photos of her fun moments, which included trips to the world famous Burj Al Arab hotel and the Atlantis.

The thespian also shared pictures and videos of her saying goodbye to 2016 and ringing in the New Year.
Ini kissing a dolphin

she had a fun by the seaside too.


Traditional marriages are moments to display the cultural heritage of the land and people. Such was the case of Mr & Mrs ChiKelz as they knotted the marriage ties.

the occasion was honoured by HRH Eze U.C and other dignitaries too numerous to mention.

the bride welcoming her guests

The groom’s arrival

The groom paying respect to his in-laws to be

well, without wasting much time, we went straight into the occasion proper as she went in search of her hubby…

she had to go and point out to the public who her “Mr Right” was to be…

oh yes! He’s been hiding but I believe she just found him!!!

and he just nailed it!!!

sharing their love together

performing the traditional rites by the groom

They stepped out to showcase themselves to the guests

she showed her dancing steps with style

she rocked the day.

cutting of the cake by the couple

The occasion was a grand celebration to both families.


It’s very funny how the dogs think and perceive humans. Dogs notice when you’re sad, mad, or suspicious. They can even detect cancer. Turns out, dogs know more about your emotions and health than you ever suspected.

They can detect a generous person from those that are not. An example is below;
University of Milan researchers had dogs watch some people sharing food with a beggar and other people telling the beggar to leave. Later, when the individuals beckoned the dogs at the same time, the pups overwhelmingly trotted over to the generous people.

Humans share so much with this fellow

Dogs know when you hate someone around you. When you have negative feelings about a person, dogs can hear your breathing pattern change, observe your body stiffen slightly, and even smell the subtle pheremones your body emits. So if your in-laws suspect that you don’t like them, it may simply be because, um, your dog expressed that don’t really like them.

Your dog can tell where you’ve been. Humans are like sponges. You pick up volatile organic compounds from everything you walk by or touch. If you just visited, say, the supermarket,dogs will smell the butcher and fish counters, the food you bought, and maybe even the people you stood next to at checkout. Dogs can smell something 100 million times more subtle than the faintest smell you can pick up! Safe a pet today.

Some dogs are being taught to detect different types of cancer by smelling certain chemicals that cancer cells can emit. In some studies, dogs were 88 percent accurate in detecting breast cancer, and 99 percent accurate in detecting lung cancer.

Dogs can tell when you’ll be home and away.

They’ve learned your schedule, and they know roughly when to expect you back at the house each day. But even if you get home at an odd hour, they can pick out the sound of your particular car coming down the street, and they are always listening for it.

Dogs know when you’re having a fight with your spouse.
Even if you don’t yell in front of them, they may notice your clipped tone of voice, the fact that neither of you is speaking, the stiffness of your posture, or the agitated way you’re walking or opening drawers. Some of these dogs get sick to their stomachs when their owners are bickering.
just staring at them without knowing what to do

They know when someone is missing from the households.

I have experienced this severally in my neighbourhood. Do dogs sleep cuddled up next to your bed instead of in their usual spot when your spouse is out of town? Do dogs stay closer to your leg than normal when we walk through a dark area? Dogs can smell the adrenaline your body releases when you’re scared, and they are also more vigilant anytime someone in the household is missing.
Finally for now, note that dogs know to play on humans emotions to get what they want.
Researchers have found that your body releases the hormone oxytocin (the same chemical that’s released when you look at your baby) when dogs make eye contact with you. So there’s a reason dogs gaze at you lovingly when they want something: It works.

Before I move on, don’t forget that you dog is capable of telling what your intentions are. Dogs can pick up nearly imperceptible signals in your body language–a darting of your eyes or the way you grab the leash–that tell me what you’re planning. In one study, dogs were easily able to identify the location of hidden food simply by following a human gaze.
dogs can be trained to sniff out everything from a drop in your blood sugar to a migraine. A growing number of epileptic patients are getting dogs that alert them to a seizure before it happens. In one Hawaiian hospital, dogs sniffed out urinary tract infections in paralyzed patients who couldn’t report symptoms

They protect our kids with maximum care.

Dogs know your little one is a member of their pack, and they also know she’s the most vulnerable. Because they have a strong instinct to guard their family members, they can be extremely protective. That’s why they bark aggressively when someone approaches the stroller and why you should be vigilant if someone is playing with your child while they are around. (If they mistakenly think she is getting hurt, they may attack

More information coming your way soon!!!


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Here are some of the shots still coming in from COOLESHOTS on THE BENSON’S FAMILY

That’s the upshot during the movie-making

That’s Ette and Musa on set

Bad planners

Still getting set

Musa and Mrs Benson On Set

Trouble smelling in their minds

Miss Princess smooching Ette

See that baby face of Ette with Musa by the side